Stupidity sits in the front row to get seen; intelligence sits back and looks.

Experience is a lady of a certain age that we venerate, without asking if she has a past.

Some parents take it out on the children for their bad raising.

Youth passes judgment—Old age absolves.

Pure truth is more complex than a woman.

The sun never sees the world except filled with warmth and light.

God pardons, Nature never.

We have to be very pious, or else very philosophical—we must say, "My Lord, Thy will be done!" or else, "O Nature, thy laws I admire, even when they bear me down."

Mistrust the man who would seem to doubt your happy life at home.

Hardly does the woman of the world remain her husband's too.

Love and politics are the death of friendship.

The night is all of fire—its stars, its thoughts, its tears.

Contradicting animates the conversation—there's why court life is a bore.

Why tell about the ugly when the pretty is not used up?

King David's evil deeds are gone; his psalms have stayed.

You get on knees before the artist because you feel in him an attribute of the divinity—the power to create.

A woman who respects herself keeps herself always a happy woman in other people's eyes.

Little people have nothing but rights, grown-ups only duties.

To be great, your self must disappear under the greatness of your work.

The vocabulary of politics is cramped—the word for "pity" does not figure there.

To be a sovereign's friend, you must be without passion, without ambition, without egoism; clairvoyant, prevoyant; and not a man.