26 JUNE, 2004

A huge mixer board. This was for the sound system for an entertainment stage to be used throughout the day. Luckily, a guy from this stage took a wireless mike over to the ceremony where speeches were being made to a crowd that could not hear. The result was spectacular, at least to those who actually wanted to hear the speeches.

I don't think this guy needs the Light Rail. It looks like he has his mode of transportation all figured out! Well, maybe in the winter the LTR would be a little more comfortable.

It looks like its thumbs up for this ladies hat or else he's going to shoot it off her head.

We finally got on for a ride.

Looking towards the other end of the car. Bicycles are welcome passengers.

I'm scared to death of these things. Especially if I'm at the front of a queue.

One of the stations. The colored brickwork is quite nice.

Gazing out.

The overhead catenaries.

A large Minnesota gopher jumps out at an amusement area by the Metrodome.

A little B-ball by the Metrodome.

A beautiful old bus from the Twin City Lines.

Light Rail ads

The train is coming down the street. Notice the new signs on the right.

One good building reflects another.

Minneapolis cityscape.

Another station. They are all unique and artfully designed.