I Live Again by Ileana, Princess of Romania

She has faced the accidental death of war and the purposeful death of assassination. Her life has often been spared by sheerest chance: once because the bomb fell in the other end of the trench where she crouched, another time because the Communist under anesthetic in her hospital babbled the plans for its destruction.

She has known Communist leaders, peasants, underground workers, presidents and kings, yet now it is the life of a suburban Boston housewife that pleases her most.

When the great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and the daughter of Marie of Romania, a princess in her own right, is happy doing her own work in a modest suburban house in Newton, Massachusetts, she is unquestionably unique. And as this spirited book of memoirs shows, Princess Ileana is also plucky.

In I LIVE AGAIN, Ileana tells of her own country in the last war, of the advent of the Communists, of her adventurous effort to live with—or in spite of—them, of her eventual escape, and of the way in which she reached her present Massachusetts home by way of Argentina.

Renowned as one of the most democratic members of European royalty, Princess Ileana was founder of the first school for Social Workers in Romania, and head of both the Romanian Y.W.C.A. and Girl Scouts. During World War II, she became a nurse in the Romanian Red Cross and opened a hospital on her estate. Her activities in the latter were summarily stopped when she was forced into exile by the Communists.

Always close to her people, Princess Ileana has written a volume of memoirs that is as much a story of her people as it is her own.

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The Princess and Her Family
Photo by Bradford Bachrach