Castle Bran Donation Document
photo from Bran Castle - Residence of Queen Maria and Princess Ileana,
Narcis Dorin Ion, Editura Tritonic, Bucureşti, 2004

Translation from the Romanian by Adriana N.

We, the city council of the city of Braşov, as a corporation endowed with the books of the city, have unanimously decided in today's festive meeting to donate to Her Majesty Queen Maria of Greater Romania the old castle of Bran so rich in historical memories—Castrum in Lapide Tydrici of olden days—as a sign of the profound veneration and the unwavering dynastic sentiments of our city.

This donation also wishes to be above all an expression of the sincere veneration that the entire population of our city feels as well, towards our great Queen who dries the tears of our widows and orphans, encourages those hopeless, provides help and comfort to those who lie in suffering, and spreads her blessings everywhere she goes, and through all this she wins with an irresistible enthusiasm the hearts of the entire population of the country.

This paper of donation is addressed as a document of our unanimous decision.

From the meeting of 1st December 1920 of the city council of the city of Braşov.

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