The Centre of Royalty in Romania Today

Radu, Prince of Hohenzollern-Veringen
Photography by Şerban Bonciocat
Humanitas, Bucharest, 2006
ISBN (10) 973-50-1303-7    ISBN (13) 978-973-50-1303-5

2006, the year in which this album is published, will be marked by a series of national events of historic importance connected to the Royal House of Romania:

140 years since the foundation of the Romanian Royal Dynasty through the enthronement of a European Head of State, Carol I, proclaimed Sovereign Prince on 10 May 1866. On the same day, the Prince swore the oath of allegiance to his country.

125 years since the proclamation of the sovereign and independent state of Romania, under the sceptre of Carol I, on 10 May 1881. On 14 March 1881, legislation had been passed making Romania a Kingdom, and on 26 March 1881 Carol I received the title of King of Romania.

100 years since the Romanian National Exhibition at Carol Park in Bucharest, inaugurated by King Carol I on 6 June 1906.

The 85th birthday of His Majesty King Mihai I, on 25 October 2006.

History has faithfully witnessed the efforts King Mihai made to keep his country free from any foreign interference, as well as the devotion and loyalty he showed towards his people, to the extent of leaving his native land, to avoid with his sacrifice a conflict between Romanians of unforeseeable consequences.

The virtues with which King Mihai is endowed were even more evident during the difficult years his country lived through. In my respect, on the numerous occasions in which we had the opportunity of tightening the bonds of friendship, I have acknowledged once and again the human and political experience the King has accumulated along his fruitful life.

Today, everybody is aware of the warmth and interest with which he contemplates, full of hope, from the horizon of his long experience, the future of his people.