Illustrations by Detelina Dimova
Sabazius Mezena Elena Nukolay
Balchik, Bulgaria


The Sun-Child
A Christmas Tale
Conu Ilie's Rose Tree

Princess Maria Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh, later Queen of Romania, was a member of British Royal Family. She was born on October 29, 1875, at Eastwell Park in Kent. Her father was Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Victoria's son. Her mother, duchess Maria Alexandrovna, was the only surviving daughter of Alexander II of Russia. When she was 16, she became engaged to be married to Ferdinand von Hohenzollern, the heir of the crown of Romania. Queen Maria gave birth to six children: Carol - the future King of Romania, Elisabeth - the future Queen of Greece, Mariorara - the future Queen of Yugoslavia, Nicolas - the future heir to the crown of Romania, Ileana and Mircea Queen Maria rest in peace for ever at Pelisor castle in Romania on July 18, 1938. But her lifeless heart could not find its place. It was kept at her foundation "Stella Maris" at Balchik. After the Quadrilater was surrendered to Bulgaria it had to be taken away and put in the niche of the rock near Bran castle.

In 1968 the  casket with her heart was put in the Bran castle and in March 1971 it was brought to the National History Museum of Romania. A part of Queen Maria's heart remains in her fairytales.