The Castle of the Carpathians by Jules Verne


  1. Mustering his flock
  2. “One would say it was a smoke”
  3. A castle deserted, haunted, and mysterious
  4. So it was taught in the school of Magister Hermod
  5. Frik held out the telescope to Master Koltz
  6. Along the only street
  7. A handsome girl was Miriota Koltz
  8. The news had spread in the village
  9. “If the old castle wants to smoke let it smoke”
10. They dared not even utter a word
11. Many were the obstacles
12. What more could they desire?
13. To help over rocks too high for his little legs
14. He heard the nyctalops
15. “Am I a corpse like you?”
16. He went obliquely down
17. This was merely child’s play
18. The marriageable girls of the district
19. Stretched on a litter of boughs
20. A few gipsy families moved off
21. He had really to deal with human beings
22. “I said oh! ah!”
23. Attacking the wild beasts of the mountains
24. A companion no less eccentric
25. The young count waited at the wing
26. Among the Vulkan defiles
27. Nic Deck told his story
28. Franz had left the inn
29. May your journey be fortunate
30. A chaos in all its horror
31. He would have rolled to the foot of the wall
32. The drawbridge was down
33. Franz did not move
34. It seemed to be a well
35. “Is the attack to be to-night?”
36. He saw two or three shadowy shapes
37. Face to face with the baron
38. Sheaves of flame sprang to the clouds