Greeting and Welcome
Your Majesty, Queen Marie of Roumania
The Society of Friends of Roumania in America
founded under Your August Patronage "to further and develop the existing friendship
between the peoples of the Kingdom of Roumania and the United States of America."

In accomplishment of this high purpose, we have been devoted to promoting mutual knowledge and appreciation with regard to the respective histories, literature, art, language, conditions and achievements of our countries and to creating mutual understanding and collaboration in all that concerns the basic elements of civilization.

We have not only zealously served under the banner of Your Majesty but have been aided and inspired by the example of Your own wondrous activities and Your constant advice and suggestions.

We acknowledge with gratitude that under the auspices of Your Majesty there has been organized in Roumania a Society reciprocal to ours"The Society of Friends of the United States "to study the English language, literature and history, as well as social, economic, cultural and artistic life in the United States; to disseminate in Roumania information relating to the United States through the press, publications and lectures; to facilitate the exchange of students between educational institutions of both countries; and to offer facilities to Americans , who desire to become acquainted with Roumania."

With the tenderness of heart, which makes You the idol of Roumania, Your Majesty has, through our ally the American Braille Press, directed the distribution of its literature to the war and civilian blind of Roumania, thus bringing spiritual light to the unfortunate deprived of the supremest blessing of life.

In literature and art, the gifts of Your pen bring enlightenment, comfort and charm not only to the people of Your own land but to the world at large.

The fields of battle furnish no glory more sublime than the heroism with which You have nursed the wounds of Your people and disseminated cheer, aid and blessingoften at the peril of Your own life.

 For years we have cherished the hope that You would visit our land and give us the opportunity to manifest our esteem and homage, and ,we are aware that You have nurtured this desire.

 Happily, the hour of fulfillment has come and I gratefully acknowledge Your last message, saying:

"I am overjoyed at the thought of coming at last to your great America."

     In this spirit, we have prepared the following pages to envisage to the people of America Your wonderful landROUMANIAglorious in twenty centuries of history; tenacious and unswerving in national unity; courageous in defense of its domain; Ally in the days of recent trial; happy in the enlightened Government of its Rulers.

We respectfully present, as well, our profound homage to His Majesty King Ferdinand; and we dedicate ourselves, afresh, to the cultivation of friendship and cooperation between our countries to the end that together they continue to achieve greater and greaterand ever greaterthings as the years open the Gates of Opportunity.