Cedant Arma Togae

Vice-President, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.
Regent, School of Foreign Service

THE School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University, dedicated to the high ideal of interpreting the soul of relatively young America to the older civilizations beyond the seas, rejoices to welcome the gracious Queen of Roumania to these shores. Royal by nature and Queen by the continued acclamation of her people, she comes as an Ambassadress of good will, to know more intimately the achievements of our countrymen and to reveal the genius and the spirit of the Roumanian folk.

Our illustrious guest is thrice welcome as sovereign of a nation which is the proud inheritor of the Roman name and the Roman tradition. More than once, as history testifies, this people, placed perilously between East and West, bore the brunt of savage attacks leveled against occidental culture by barbaric and semi-barbaric invaders. In later and happier times, hundreds of thousands of Roumanian nationals have crossed the seas to become useful citizens in the new Republic of the West, and they have contributed notably to the upbuilding of America. The presence, consequently, of their Queen in the United States, affords us Americans a rare opportunity to express to the Roumanian State, in her person, our appreciation of the historic role enacted by the people of Roumania in the annals of Eastern Europe as well as in our own domestic development.

When the whole world is thus bound together by the consciousness of human solidarity based on our common origin and our common destiny,when sovereigns of earth and the peoples thereof thus fraternize unto the common good, and mutually profit from an interchange of the historical and cultural treasures to which each is heir,when Reason replaces Force as the last argument of kings,--then shall the Truce of God truly reign over this distracted planet. Then shall the horrid phantom of international strife, bred of racial hatreds, be banished to the limbo of outworn things. Quodfaxit Deus.