A Boy and Girl of Rumania

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This little girl's name is Eufrosine. Her brother is Josif. He calls his sister Frosie for short. Do you think these children wear strange clothes? They are Rumanians. This means they live in a country named Rumania. Their mother made the cloth for their clothes. She cut and gathered the flax. She spun the flax. Then she wove it into white cloth. The dark cloth is made of wool. She wove that also. She made the embroidery that trims the clothes her little boy and girl wear. She made the lace, too.

A Rumanian mother has a busy time of it. She has much work to do in the home. If the family lives in the country, the mother must work in the fields also.

The father will be busy, too. He will have much farm work to do. Josif helps his father. Eufrosine will help her mother as soon as she is big enough. She will learn to make beautiful colored stitches for her best dress.

Do you know about the Danube River? It is called the Blue Danube. It is one of the great rivers of Europe. There is probably no other river in all the world that touches so many countries. It is the Danube River you see back of Eufrosine and Josif. The mountains you see are in Yugoslavia.

People in Rumania have many celebrations. Eufrosine and Josif are waiting for their father and mother. Maybe they will all go to a celebration.

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