Roumania Men Singer Sewing Machine 1892 Trade Card


A kingdom of southern Europe, comprising the old principalities of Moldavia: Wallachia and Dobrudja. It is bounded east and north by the Pruth, south by the Danube, west and north-west by the Carpathian mountains. It is mountainous in the west, but level towards the east. The climate is subject to extremes of cold and heat. Large numbers of horses, sheep and cattle are raised, also grains in abundance. The first authentic inhabitants were the Dacians, who were conquered and the country colonized by the Romans. The Roumanian of today is a mixture of the Indo-Caucasian and Mongol races. They are good looking, intelligent and fairly energetic. The national dress is rich in embroidery and lacings. These are typical Roumanians; their rich brunette complexion enhanced by their highly colored dress. The Singer company have several offices here and sell numbers of machines.

The Singer Manufacturing Co.