Letter to Mrs. Yvonne Chalmers-Wright, 1949

Dear Mrs. Wright, 

I am Viorica’s cousin, Micaela, and had the pleasure to know you as a student in our student association “A.S.C.R.” as I was just leaving Rumania, in order to continue my art studies in Paris.

Viorica asked you to be so kind as to search for an editor for a book she wrote and I illustrated. Just a children’s book.

She encouraged me now to send you the well known “Story of Manole” I illustrated and translated into English, for the same purpose.

I hope you will not find my request too bold and help make that beautiful Rumanian legend known in America.

Would you mind saying that this book has been sent to you in order to find an editor, just before the beginning of the war? It would be safer, I think!!

If there will be an answer for me, do send it please through Viorica.

I thank you very much, dear Mrs. Wright, and ask you to excuse my boldness and accept my best regards. 

Micaela Eleutheriade