Grieved and worried, Manole was growing discouraged and was spending many sleepless nights. One day towards twilight, he had a dream, a ghastly dream which disturbed him greatly. He called his men together and told them that he had received a message advising him to wall a human being in the foundation of their building. The one who was to be sacrificed should be a good person and his soul would live in, and protect the building forever.

This was a very strange dream and a very cruel one. Nevertheless, it made a deep impression on Manole and his men. The more they worked without succeeding, the more they thought of the ruthless dream.

One day the ten men gathered and discussed their trouble; after which, for the sake of the monastery, they agreed to make the sacrifice of one of their own wivesóthe one who happened to arrive first with food on the following Thursday. Wanting to sanctify their decision, Manole and his workmen solemnly swore a great vow on bread, on salt, and on Holy Images. They all promised.