#10 Destruction at Sea Monitor vs. Merrimac March 9, 1862

Hampton Roads, Va. Mar. 9, 1862


One of the most exciting sea-battles ever fought took place when two iron-clads met in a duel today. The already famous Merrimac, the Rebel scourge of the sea, battled the North's first iron-clad, The Monitor. For four hours the two ships fired at each other, until the Merrimac was badly damaged and had to withdraw. The Monitor did not suffer any damage during the conflict and left triumphantly for its home port. The North went wild upon hearing the news of The Monitor's victory. The legend that the Merrimac could not be defeated had been shattered. President Lincoln had often looked out of the windows of the White House and fearfully expected to see The Merrimac making its way up the Potomac River to attack Washington.