#55 The Silent Drum New Lisbon, Ohio November 15, 1863

New Lisbon, Ohio Nov. 15, 1863


Young Billy Harris, a 14 year old drummer boy, was shot by a stray bullet at New Lisbon this afternoon. Billy was riding with a troop of Northern soldiers when a skirmish broke out with a group of Confederate soldiers. The young boy always liked to stay as close to the battle-front as he could, although he had been warned by the soldiers to take cover when there was a battle. Billy watched his comrades fighting and he cheered as they took the upper hand in the battle. Picking up his drumsticks, Billy started beating out a rhythm in the midst of the gun-fire. Before he could be ordered away by a soldier, a bullet struck the lad and killed him almost instantly. The drummer boy died in the arms of his uncle, one of the Northern combatants.