#58 Angel of Mercy Clara Barton December 25, 1863

Kent, Tenn. Dec. 25, 1863


The casualty list continues to mount day by day as men die simply because of the lack of medical care. Clara Barton, who had a safe office job in Washington before the war, is one of the most familiar figures at battlefront hospitals, working tirelessly, Clara is often on her feet 16 hours a day treating the injured and the sick. The lack of proper facilities makes Clara's job much tougher, but the brave woman thinks only of the men and not of herself. Not only does she treat the wounded, but she cares for soldiers who have often contracted contagious diseases. Clara is loved by the soldiers of the North and South, caring for all without any discrimination. As the endless flow of wounded keep pouring into the hospitals, the angel of mercy continues her work.