#69 Death in the Water Cherbourg, France June 19, 1864

Cherbourg, France June 19, 1864


The "Alabama" will never again terrorize the sea. The North's "Kearsarge" successfully met and sank the Southern destroyer in a duel off the coast of France this afternoon. The "Alabama" put up a very poor fight, for its gunmen were used to firing upon unarmed merchant vessels, and not dueling with experienced Naval warships. News of the Alabama's defeat was cause for jubilation in the Union camp. During the past two years, "The Alabama" had destroyed almost $6 million worth of Union property, including 58 merchant ships. Crew members of the Alabama floundered helplessly in shark infested water after the attack, until they were picked up by the "Kearsarge." Others in the crew made it to shore in small boats.