#77 Trapped Fisher's Hill, Virginia September 22, 1864

Fisher's Hill, Va. Sept. 22, 1864


Soldiers on both sides fought with all their fury, but in the end it was the North that won the battle of Fisher's Hill. Led by General Early, The Confederacy's Army was weak and tired but managed to start with a blistering attack. The initial thrust sent the Northern soldiers back and for a little while it looked like Early would be victorious. General Sheridan, realizing the danger, rallied his men by riding to the battlefront and giving the Northerners inspiration. Suddenly it was the Union that was doing the pushing and the Rebels faltered badly. Bullets sent the Southerners scattering for cover as Sheridan led the charge of his soldiers. The rebels retreated as Early tried futilely to reorganize his men. The North easily gained control of Fisher's Hill.