#87 The War Ends Appomattox, Virginia April 9, 1865

Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9, 1865


The war is over! Lee and Grant met at Appomattox today and agreed to terms. Sad and tired, Lee signed a treaty which allowed the men of both sides to put down their guns. The years of bloodshed and tears are over for the North and the South, and the soldiers can return to their homes and families. Lee's men furled up the Confederate flag for the last time. A horror which had lasted for more than four years has come to an end. At 4:00 P.M. Lee left Appomattox on his horse, "Traveller," and rejoined the remains of his once mighty Army. He passed the bloodstained battlefields, sadly thinking of the friends he had lost during the war. The fighting was finished but the scars would never vanish.