Save and Danube Rivers from Belgrade, Serbia  Stereo Viewcard
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Turn to your map of Europe, and locate Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. You will notice that the Save and the Danube Rivers join at Belgrade. The Save River rises in southwestern Austria and flows east. The Danube rises in southern Germany and flows southeast. Trace both rivers on the map.

In the view the Save River is the one the steamboat is on. The water flows to your right. The Danube is the curved river. It is flowing toward you. Study the picture carefully. What do you see in the foreground? The view was taken from the heights of Belgrade. In the distance the Austrian city of Semlin can be seen.

Belgrade played an important part in the Great War of 1914. From Semlin it was bombarded many times. It was finally captured by the Austrians and Germans. It is a city of about 90,000 people; that is, about the size of Reading, Pa. Nish is the other important city.

Serbia is a small mountainous country. It if about the size of Maine. It has a population of about 4,000,000. Its people are very hardy, and are brave fighters. They fought against the Turks in 1912-13. Then they fought against Bulgaria. In 1915 Bulgaria, Austria, and Germany sent great armies that overran Serbia, and defeated the Serbs.

On the farms of Serbia cattle and horses, corn, wheat, and fruits are raised. Copper, coal, and iron are mined. There are not many factories. In the picture what is stacked ready for shipment?

Where does the Danube empty? Go by water from Odessa, Russia, to Belgrade. Name the leading nations that fought in the Great European War.

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